... relax and let yourself go.

Men’s Manicure
30 minutes – $20
Your manicure starts with a soak to soften cuticles, followed by an exfoliant to remove that dull dry skin. Your cuticles are then tended and hands are moisturized and massaged. Finally nails are buffed to a natural glow or clear polish applied, if you prefer.
Men’s Pedicure
60 minutes – $42
A refreshing pedicure that consists of an energizing foot soak, followed by an invigorating foot scrub to reduce calluses and soften hard skin. Nails are groomed and buffed. Soothing lotion is applied followed by a relaxing calf massage ending with a Blue Oil rub to further the pleasure and refresh tired feet.
Body Moisturizing and Conditioning Treatment
50 minutes – $65
A full body application of a customized body oil mixed with sea salts to gently exfoliate your skin and reinvigorate you. Concluding with a shower cleansing and a body moisturizing treatment to leave your entire body with a healthy glow.
Back Treatment
60 minutes – $90
A deep cleansing treatment – featuring exfoliation. A special masque is applied to your back to help clarify, hydrate, and tone the skin. The mineral properties of the mask combined with a soothing back massage act to de-stress and relax your entire body. (Excellent for people with acne on shoulders and back.)
Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial
60 minutes – $90
The special needs of men’s skin are addressed with this deep cleansing facial. First we deep cleanse, steam, and exfoliate to remove dead skin from the surface. (Also great for ingrown hairs). Followed by a toner, relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage. A masque removed with an aromatic steam towel and customized moisturizer finishes the facial.