...silky smooth again!

For Over 10 Years  people come to Roxana for their most intimate of services including bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing and all their waxing needs. The fact of the matter is, waxing has been around for decades; it’s safe, convenient and effective.
You’ll love the smoothness that comes with waxing. What is the difference between all the bikini waxing procedures? We offer quite a few different bikini waxes to meet all our female clients’ needs! So here are some quick explanations of exactly what the differences are:
  • Classic Bikini – This is a bikini wax that removes the hair on your bikini line. Anything that grows past your hip-line or underwear line will be waxed. Anything more will be extra, or you can look into getting the French bikini!
  • French Bikini – This bikini wax is designed for those who want to do a little more, but not too much! This waxing goes in a little farther than the classic bikini wax. Also, we remove a little off the top of your hair line and on the part of your tush that shows when wearing a bikini. If you enjoy sitting Indian-style on the beach, this is your bikini wax!
  • Full Monty Bikini – This waxing leaves you completely bald. No landing strip. Painless with experts using hard wax makes it possible! Everything is waxed front to back. This was given its name because it is the most popular bikini wax among those sexy playboy bunnies!
  • Brazilian Bikini– For anyone wanting it all gone but a small strip to leave a signature! Everything but a small landing strip is waxed front to back. Some wonder how this is done, so let’s explain! The Brazilian wax starts as a regular bikini, cleaning up the sides, and going in and down, little by little. The Brazilian Bikini Wax and Full Monty bikini waxing are our most popular waxing procedures!
  •  Eyebrows $15
  • Sideburns $20
  • Lip $15
  • Chin $15
  • Full Face $55
  • Underarm $25
  • Arm half $35
  • Arm full $50
  • Leg half $45
  • Leg full $75
  • Bikini $25
  • Bikini extended $40
  • Brazilian $65
  • Men’s Back $55
  • Men’s Shoulders $25
Does waxing hurt? – It hurts more the first time than any other time because you are pulling out 100% of the hair, your nerves are on edge, and you don’t know what to expect. But, it is a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away. Follow all the tips we give you and you’ll be fine. The next time is much easier! After your first wax, the hair grows back finer and sparser, becomes less prickly between waxing, and retains its smoothness much longer.
How long do I have to let my hair grow out? – As long as possible, seriously, the longer the better… 3-4 weeks or 1/2″, whichever is longer. The more follicles/roots we can pull, the cleaner the wax, the longer it is going to last & the happier you are going to be! It can be hard to let it grow out but the longer the hair is, the cleaner it will turn out. Learn Some Waxing Tricks
  • DO use a sun block after waxing if exposing skin to sun within 24 hrs to avoid hyper-pigmentation.
  • DO leave plenty of time before “Special Occasions” to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, breakouts, illness, etc.
  • DO make us aware if using Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Glycolic Acid, Renova, Salicylic Acid, Tazorac, Pro-Active, Benzoyl Peroxide, or any other topical or oral medications that may affect the outcome of a waxing treatment.
  • DO make us aware if you have had any problems with your waxing treatments in the past.
  •  DON’T apply moisturizer beforehand.
  • DON’T expose newly waxed areas to the sun, hot tubs, sauna, suntan booths or extreme heat for 24 hours-some skin cells have been pulled off in the process and the area is vulnerable.
  • DON’T apply deodorant to newly waxed underarms or use products containing alcohol after facial waxing.
  • DON’T use any facial scrubs or abrasives for 1 week prior to waxing.
  • DON’T wax during Accutane treatment or after laser treatments or chemical peels.
  • DON’T work out after waxing (unless prior positive experience).
  • DON’T use heavily perfumed or thick lotions in bikini area-may cause ingrown hairs or irritate skin.